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Home Products Pof Machine 2400mm POF Machine

2400MM Five Layers Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

The Total Production line adopts Taiwan man-machine interface (touch screen )and PLC programmable control platform of the auxiliary machine for controlling the film blowing machine, separate cutting alarm system, no potentiometer design, Compared to the traditional control method ,the Film extrusion is more stable, more convenient for operation, by eliminating the potentiometer caused by bad extruder instability and broken material failure

The Turntable use touch screen control, programmable tension calculus, instead of the ordinary tension controller, present Control system is more flexible, more precise, more reasonable control cabinet

The failure rate of the whole control system is reduced by more than ninety percent, hugely improving the system stability.

1.When Coiling of the Jumbol roll, the edge is very plat, only 1 cm difference. the traditional machine is 10cm even 20cm difference. So It can largely discrease the waste.The total length is 2400mm,if you cut 10cm or 20cm, the waste rate is 4%-8%. Present machine can decrease to 0.0001%. you can see the Video and the Jumbol roll Coiling, the roll edge is very plat. If you see our old machine, the difference is huge and You have to cut the edge and trim it and then center folding. Now You do not need to cut, You can put it to folding machine directly. So it can save Cost and save time.at the same time, old machine speed is 70meter per munite,now it is 120meter per munite.So the Output speed increased by 70%. in a word, the technology itself will increase profit.

2.The machine is highly- intelligent, Worker's task is to operate the button only. So it Save Labor. and there is no injury incident,Very Very safe.

3.Present machine run very steady, basically speaking ,there is no problem during working, Even in demostic market, Our machine afterservice is very little. It means It decrease the maintenance times.

4.We adopt the USA thickness monitor for export machine, It runs normally, In our working times , the monitor never goes wrong before.

Part A:Technical Parameters and Configurations Main Technical Parameters

◎ Film Width:2200mm-2400mm ◎ Max extrusion Capability: 250Kg/hour

◎ Film Thickness Range:0.012-0.03mm ◎ Thickness Tolerance: 15μm±10%

Part B: Configurations

A.5 Layer Co-Extrusion Complex Die Head System.

1 Cavity Die Diameter: Φ250  -Φ280

2 Cavity Die Slit Gap : 1.8mm

3 Structure Spirally Internal Complex Die With Platform Taper Superimposition

4 Die Thickness Tolerance 8%

5 Heating Power 31KW Heating at 6 Zones, 31KW

6 Material 40Cr

7 Temperature Control:

PID Temperature Controller; Korea AUTONILS Intelligent Temperature Controller.

8 Tube Thickness Adjustment M20=24Screw or M12*36*2Rows

B. Co-extrusion Machines System

1 5 Sets of Single Screw Extruder At Φ70MM

2 Screw Diameter/Length: 65

3 Screw Structure: Mixed Screw

4. Screw Heating:Cast Aluminum Heating, Air Cooling.

5 Screw Heating Power 17.5 KW

6 Temperature Control:

PID Temperature Controller; Korea AUTONILS Intelligent Temperature Controller.

7 Screen Changer Manual Speedy Screen Change

8 Feeding Feed automatically, Alarm when Material Lack.

9 Speed Reducer: Gear Speed Reducer, Compulsory Air Cooling.

10 Driving Motor Power 30KW*5SETS

11 Speed Alernation Stepless Speed Regulation ; Japan YasKawa Vector Control


C. Tube Blown Forming System

1、Tube Diameter Automatic Control system: Japan Omron photoelectric switch with high reliability and low Malfunction fault.

2、Cooling Water Ring Φ280MM

3、Mitre  Guiding Film Board,Water Bank: Stainless Steel

4、Water Cooling Machine 25P Water Cooling Machine, 1 set 3KW,Circulation Pump.

D. First Traction System

1、Traction Cots Diameter Φ160mm

2、Traction Cots Width 600mm

3、Traction Cots Clamping pneumatically operated (Automatic loosen,adjustable speed)

4、Motor Power 2.2KW

5、Speed Alernation Stepless Speed Regulation ; Japan YasKawa Vector Control transducer

E,Second Traction System

1、Traction Cots Diameter Φ160mm

2 、Traction Cots Width 600mm

3 、Traction Cots Material Heat-resistant Silica Gel

4、Traction Cots Clamping pneumatically operated (Automatic loosen,adjustable speed)

5、 Motor Power 2.2KW

6 、Speed Alernation Japan YasKawa Vector Control transducer

7、 Traction Cots Speed 0~15M/min

F .Second Film Bubble Forming System

1:Long Barrel Furnace Double Deck,Tri-Side openable, Case with Heat-preservation Material

2:Long Barrel Furnace Heating Zone Six Zones 12 Rows 3:Heating Power 72KW

4:Temperature Control: Solid Status, Korea PID temperature Controller 5: Heating: Gemany infrared Ceramic Heater 6:Giant Barrel Heating Zone Three Rings

7: Heating Power 18 KW

8:Temperature Control: Solid Status, Korea PID temperature Controller 9:Upper,Middle,Downer Bubble-Steady Equipment:

Heat-Resistant Nylon Material 10:Long Barrel heat Preservasion :

Double Air Ring ,Ceiling pneumatically Close system.

G .Revolving Traction electronic take-up(ETU)System.

1、Mitre Guiding Film Board High intensive Aluminium GuidingReel.

2、Mitre Guiding Film Perspective Control Motor driving Control

3、The Third Traction Steel Rolls Diameter Φ215mm 4、The Third Traction Guiding Roll Length 2400mm

5、Driving Motor Power 4KW

6、Max Traction Roll Speed 100-120M/min

7、Heating Setting Bent Frame TaiWan Far infrared Ceramic Heater

8、Nip Roll Structure High intensity aluminium alloy Dynamics Balance Handling.

9、Nip Roll Specification and Quantity: Φ100*2400mm*2Set

10、Revolting Board Strong Beam supporting properties

11. Revolting Board Driving 1.1KW Japan YasKawa Vector Control transducer(

forwardable or reversable)

12、Taking-UP Double Cutting, Double Side pneumatically Non-Sleeves Taking Up

13、Max Taking-Up Width 2300mm

14、Max Taking-Up Diameter Φ450mm

15、Taking-Up Motor Power 3KW*4

16 Tensile Control 4 Set TaiWan Tensile Controller, 4 set Japan YasKawa independent Vector Control transducer

H. Thickness Moniter System

USA Thickness Moniter System.

I. Gross Size:

Length: 7600mm*Width 4500mm*Height15000mm Gross Weight: 40T

Gross Power:390Kw

Power Load: 35%-40% (Gross Power)

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